About Us

Romano Passavinti, born in Florence (Italy) in 1936, since a very young age is attracted by art and it various applications.
Romano’s family directs him towards classical studies, but he soon understands that his real passion is craftmanship, with a particular interest for jewels.
At that time, Florence is city just waking up from the postwar period and it offers plenty of opportunities to learn different artisan jobs.
Romano starts working in a renown gold workshop on the Ponte Vecchio (“Old Bridge”), where he can learn the rudiments of what will become his life-long activity: jewels creation.
At the end of the ‘60s, after his professional training, he decides to open his own laboratory in Florence. In a few years, his success is so big that he decides to expand the activity and to create his own brand: in 1970 the brand ‘Passavinti’ is born.
In Italy, the ’70s rhyme with freedom and maximum transgression for young creative talents. This mix of elements makes new talents arise in the enterpreneurship-driven fashion world.
Passavinti brand translates this period in the best way in its creations, so it is able to assert itself and to become one of the most renown Florence brands in the goldsmith field.
The ‘80s and the ‘90s consacrate the brand on the Italian and on the European markets, thanks to the introduction of the ready-to-wear (“prêt-à-porter”) philosophy in the jewelry world.
In 2011, Romano Passavinti decides to pass the baton to two young enterpreneurs with many years of experience in the field, who succeeded in respecting the extraodinary standards of a careful and precious work and to project them into a fashinating “third millennium” of jewelry.

The constant renewal of collections has always been the strong point of Passavinti, that translates the typical ‘mood’ of the years in which they were created.
Over the years, Passavinti creations evolved and adapted to the new production techniques, but, according to its founder’s and to the new management’s will, they kept the original manual and artisan features, thus preserving the jewels’ distinctive unicity.
The new Passavinti creations in silver and bronze, made exclusively in Italy, are the result of a careful creative work and of an accurate search for manufacturing precision.
Each jewel gathers in itself the experience, the manual skill and the creativity of a team of fashion-oriented and trend-oriented designers, who pay special attention to new and original materials, while respecting the standards of the highest Italian goldsmith tradition.
Passavinti’s present Creative Team has been inspired by the typical shapes of the ’60s, period charachterized by a deep renewal of all social expression and in particular of fashion, which included many different trends – naming one for all, Twiggy, uforgettable symbol of minimal, carefree and geometrical syle on a glam and luxury take, which has been reinterpreted and revisited based on the Italian taste.

The Mission of the two young owners of Passavinti brand, Danilo Caccetta and Mirco Zoppini, is to transform the brand into a well-established enterprise, not only in the European markets, but also at a global level, thanks to a more managerial company strategy, while keeping untouched the strong identity acquired in 45 years of life of the brand.